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The Power of YouTube

Did you know that over 2 billion users visit YouTube each month? That’s insane! The high volume of people consuming hours of YouTube videos has proved to be especially successful for content creators, influencers, and most of all, businesses. 

YouTube has been able to financially support a whole generation of people through its platform, creating jobs that didn’t exist before while paving a way for influencers to branch out into mainstream media. It is a platform which has accumulated a great deal of influence over the newer generation and on the ongoings within pop culture. 

Great career opportunities with YouTube!

Youtube has granted people who have amassed great success on their website with amazing opportunities, allowing them to branch into different career paths. Creative initiatives like Influencer Boxing (where influencers on YouTube partake in boxing matches) helped highlight creative YouTubers and catapult their success. 

Content Creators

For instance, Logan Paul, a content creator who started on YouTube, had the opportunity to face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match! Paul started off by making comedy videos at home so facing Floyd Mayweather in a real boxing match exemplifies the lengths one can reach with YouTube. Logan Paul in particular, has been able to establish a very loyal consumer base. His followers continue to support him and those numbers have helped him branch into mainstream acting roles as well. YouTube has enabled the diversification of career opportunities for many YouTubers. Several successful influencers are offered the opportunity to venture into acting and other careers. 


Talking about different career paths, YouTube has allowed musicians to successfully make a name for themselves within the music industry. Artists like Justin Bieber, Troye Sivan, and Conan Gray are only one of the few examples of musicians who started off on YouTube. Platforms like YouTube are accessible to the public and this allows talented creators to be picked up by recording companies who stumble upon their videos. YouTube inspires viewers when they see different success journeys in real time. 


Many stand up comedians have started their careers on YouTube and are now doing worldwide tours. Influencers who create comedy content have been given the opportunity, through amassing a wide fan base on YouTube, to go country-to-country to perform in front of live audiences. These shows are particularly successful and have sold-out arenas before, allowing individuals who would only exclusively make content from from home to attain notoriety in the comedy industry. A platform so easily accessible by the public like YouTube has consistently opened many doors for its creators. A lot of successful individuals who have the biggest platforms and influence an entire generation owe it to YouTube. The Power of YouTube should not be underestimated. 

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By Aamna Ali

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