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Digital MarketingThe Power of “Why” in Content Marketing

The Power of “Why” in Content Marketing

The Power of “Why” in Content Marketing

Simon Sinek’s “Know your Why” theory completely redefines modern day marketing and selling. More than what you sell, knowing WHY you sell it generates inspiration which forces your audience to take action. This action could be anything, from following you to sending you a message, an email, a friend’s request or the best of all, a purchase. If your “why” coincides with the customer’s “why”, it generates an excellent synergy and equation to drive long term relationships between you and your customer. 

Identify your ‘Why’!

So how does this actually work? It works by identifying why your customer buys from you. Is it an intrinsic need that your product is satisfying or something else? Consider an example of a high-end restaurant and a daily diner. While the daily diner has to highlight the quality of ingredients, freshness of food, quick service delivery, discounts etc. the high end restaurant has to focus on creating the ambiance, the presentation of food, quality of furniture, uniforms of servers etc. The reason is simple. In the high-end restaurant, the “why” is mainly social acknowledgment compared to the diner where the why is more inclined towards satisfying hunger. 

How does this get translated to content marketing for social media? In case of the high-end restaurant, people would proudly be making check-ins, posting food photos, boasting about the celebrities seated next to them. Content that highlights much more than food. The content design has to focus on more of a lifestyle choice then quality of food. You can very well imagine that if this restaurant would have posted more about the quality of food that might not have translated well with its audience. 

In the end, successful content marketing starts with identifying who is your target audience and WHY they buy from you? Once you get an understanding about why your audience buys from you, your content strategy is automatically more directed and carries the potential of generating higher actions including engagement, sharing and purchase.

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